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Anywhere mission

Alien invasion

Photograph evidence of where a non-native plant or animal has invaded a local ecosystem. Produce a ‘spotter’s guide’ to these invasive species. 

Points: 50 Photographer Badge by: Geography Awareness Week
Anywhere mission

Animate a place

Animate a place by moving things in it lots times and taking a single picture after each small movement.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Photography by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be a tiger

Explore somewhere like a giraffe, like a tiger, like a hippopotamus, like a human, like a scorpion, like a hyena and like a Komodo dragon.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be invisible

Travel 100 metres without being seen.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Book Badge by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Bubbles in the wind

Measure wind speed and direction by blowing bubbles, then report your findings online.

Points: 350 OPAL nature explorer badge by: OPAL
Anywhere mission

Dance travel

Dance across a place in as many different ways as you can.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Evolve your hands

Put eyes on the backs of your hands and go on an adventure.

Points: 50 Masked Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Fatal living

Find something dead that is helping something living.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Death by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Find moss north

Can you work out which direction is north just by looking for moss on trees?

Points: 50 Nature by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Find something...

Find something hard, soft, sticky, crumbly, silly, cool, brown, tiny, massive, smelly, mean, round, flat, strange, normal, straight, flying, underneath and something new.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore