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Anywhere mission

Underground Mission

 Cut a square of turf and shake out the inhabitants.

Points: 100 Woodie by: Woodcraft Folk
Anywhere mission

Hide, stalk and snap!

Find, stalk and photograph every producer and consumer in a food chain.

Points: 50 Nature by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Name a dog

Persuade a dog owner to let you give it a second name.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Dogs by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Design a scarecrow

How many different animals does it attract?

Points: 50 Grow by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Alien invasion

Photograph evidence of where a non-native plant or animal has invaded a local ecosystem. Produce a ‘spotter’s guide’ to these invasive species. 

Points: 50 Photographer Badge by: Geography Awareness Week
Anywhere mission

See like a worm

Create a worm's eye view and a bird's eye view of the same place.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Birds by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Investigate the murder of an animal

Next time you find a dead animal, draw a white line around its body and find out who killed it, how, when, where, and why.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Death by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Route to your heart

Make a map to show someone you like the route to your heart.

Points: 50 Cartographer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Avoid naughty pixies!

Take steps to avoid pixie tricks!

Points: 683 North Devon AONB Explorer by: North Devon Coast AONB
Anywhere mission

Dog survey

Carry out a dog survey in two different parks.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Dogs by: .Mission:Explore