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Region mission

How polluted is the air around us?

Discover how polluted the local air is by identifying lichens growing on trees.

Points: 350 OPAL nature explorer badge by: OPAL
Anywhere mission

Go wild!

 Take a photo of your copy of NG KIDS in a wild location!

Points: 100 NG Kids Explorer by: National Geographic Kids
Anywhere mission

Go wild

Find a wild animal. How long can you follow it for?

Points: 50 Nature by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Go figure

Be a statue.

Points: 50 Experimenter by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Get up to good (in a hoodie)

Hide your identity by wearing a hoodie. Secretly do some good, making sure that nobody sees who you are.

Points: 50 Masked Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Get trashy

Collect all the rubbish from a patch of land and make it into art.

Points: 100 Woodie by: Woodcraft Folk
Anywhere mission

Furthest and closest

Speak to five people in a public place. Who is furthest from you and who is closest to you in terms of: where they live, their age, their taste in music and their opinions on something that's...

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Flat climbing

Climb a flat horizontal surface.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Find something...

Find something hard, soft, sticky, crumbly, silly, cool, brown, tiny, massive, smelly, mean, round, flat, strange, normal, straight, flying, underneath and something new.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Fatal living

Find something dead that is helping something living.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Death by: .Mission:Explore