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Anywhere mission

Hide, stalk and snap!

Find, stalk and photograph every producer and consumer in a food chain.

Points: 50 Nature by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

History alive!

Dig around your garden and see what you find or make the cool Viking shield from NG KIDS issue 87! Send us a snap.

Points: 100 NG Kids Tracker by: National Geographic Kids
Anywhere mission

Hold a Dry Swimming Race

Use some skateboards to hold a dry swimming championship.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Book Badge by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

ID a problem

Identify a problem that faces young people in your area: homelessness, kids without school supplies, lack of playgrounds or another issue. 

Points: 50 Take action! Badge by: Geography Awareness Week
Anywhere mission

Investigate Archaeoacoustics

Hear and record sounds that would have been heard 100, 1000 or even 10,000 years ago.

Points: 50 Time Traveller by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Invisible maze

Create a maze that can’t be seen because it winds through your neighborhood. Create a map for your friends to use to find their way through the maze, and if someone manages to complete it without...

Points: 50 Mapping Badge by: Geography Awareness Week
Anywhere mission

Keep a poo diary

Keep a record of what you eat, drink and poo. How does what goes in change what comes out?

Points: 50 Waste by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Keep a Ship's Log

Follow this link and follow a ship for five days. Where does it go? What’s it distributing? What can you find out about it?

Points: 50 Web Maker by: Geography Awareness Week
Anywhere mission

Know an unknown

Find out and know something you don't know.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Brains by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Lie down

Lie down in a public place for five minutes.

Points: 50 Experimenter by: .Mission:Explore