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Worm hunt

Find six earthworms in your garden or local park and identify them using the OPAL earthworm guide.

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Earthworms are incredibly important creatures. They aerate the soil helping plants grow and they recycle dead matter. They may look very similar at first glance but there are in fact 27 different species of earthworm in the UK.

The OPAL earthworm field guide will help you identify the most common British earthworms. You can download this for free from the OPAL website -

Follow the guide to find out which earthworm you have found.

As an extra challenge download the OPAL workbook, and complete the whole soil and earthworm survey. Your results will help scientists with valuable research.
Bonus Question!
What colour is the tail of a Blue-grey earthworm
Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

Ensure you have permission from the landowner before you start looking for earthworms.

Remember to wash your hands before eating and cover any open wounds before starting the activity.

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