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Survey a pond

Go pond-dipping and identify what you find. Send us a snap of the ugliest beast you discover, then submit your results online and find out the health of your pond.

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Mission Information

Ponds and lakes are home to thousands of fascinating creatures. Do you know what lives in your local pond?

Make your own pond dipping net and see if you can identify some of the creatures that live beneath the water. You can even tell how healthy the water is by the type of animals you find.

Visit the OPAL website to download a free guide to freshwater wildlife and a workbook to record your results.

Once you've finshed, submit your findings to the OPAL website to discover the health of your pond and help scientists with valuable research.

Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.Do not do this mission on your own - take a responsible adult with you.

Make sure that the ground is firm and not overhanging the water.

If you find any broken glass or discarded fish hooks, find another spot.

Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards and before eating.

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