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Meadow Life

Search for wildlife in this meadow. How many types of animals can you spot?

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Mission Information
Wanlip Meadows is home to all sorts of wildlife, as are all meadows. You can read about some of the birds, plants and even snakes that like to live here on the Wildlife Trust noticeboard at the entrance points. 

Cycle Closer to Nature is supported by Arla's Kids Closer to Nature campaign and Sustrans. Search for this location on the National Cycle Network here.

Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.Take care when exploring the meadow not to sting yourself on nettles or poke your eyes out on a scratchy tree. Don't bother the wildlife - you're there to observe not disturb!

If you do see a snake DO NOT GO NEAR IT! Grass snakes are not that dangerous to humans, but a bite will hurt and they can spray a stink on you. If you found an adder it could give you a very painful poisonous bite.

Mission Id: 3374

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