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Cow Conversation

Have a chat with one of the many cows in this area and send us some evidence of your natter. What did you talk about?

Sorry this mission has now been retired!

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Mission Information
Some farmers and scientists think cows can develop regional 'accents'. Click here to read about it and hear recordings of different cows. Do you think they are right? If so, what would an Australian cow sound like? A Scottish cow? What about a French one?
Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.Watch out for people fishing and be VERY careful in this area to avoid the water's edge: canals are deep and very dangerous if you fall in! If the path is slippery you should get off your bike and walk to be extra safe.

Cows are usually friendly but don't get too close as they can hurt you with a bite or kick!

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