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Make a map that can be given to kids who are new to your area.

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Work in a team to think about what things new people would need to know about your local area and then start mapping them out on paper. Try and include some local secrets, interesting stories and great places to discover. Once completed find clever ways to distribute the map to newcomers. 

Tips: You may need to do a few drafts before you have a map which is good enough to share. Be sure your map includes these important elements: a title, a legend or key, a scale bar, and a compass rose.  Remember to create your map in a way that can be easily copied. Have an adult check over your map once you think you are done, but before you get it copied.

Click here to learn more about maps. 
Mission Risk: Low
Low. This should be easy but take care.
Always get permission from an adult you know before speaking to people you don’t know yet. Look at other maps to see how they work, but don’t be afraid to make yours different.

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