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Estimate the size of your ecological footprint. How long does it take you to walk from its center to its edge? 

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What is the total ecological footprint of your household? school? community? Create a piece of art to demonstrate what you discover by doing this mission.

Send us a digital photograph of the piece of art you make.
(Email a jpeg file to  Put "Walk Your Footprint"
and your explorer name in the subject line.)

Tips: Use this to estimate the size of your ecological footprint. You could perhaps do the walk on Earth Overshoot Day.

Geography: An ecological footprint is an estimation of how much land and resources are needed to sustain your lifestyle. It is used by geographers to show how much demand people are putting on the planet. In 2006 the average biologically productive area per person worldwide was approximately 4.5 ‘global acres’. The average for U.S. citizens is around 22.25 global acres. 
Mission Risk: Medium

Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.

Make sure you get permission before you set out on your walk. 
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Risky business

Doing missions on this website can be dangerous. Always get permission before exploring and make sure your plans are reasonably safe. A place that is safe one moment can become dodgy the next so keep your wits about you. We cannot take any responsibility for any injuries or harmful effects resulting from your actions. It's your job to survive your explorations intact.

To increase your chances of success complete our training and safety tips before starting. That way you are more likely to win points and keep your head on.

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