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Trash art

Go out with a trash bag and collect trash. Turn the items into a piece of art and try to get it featured in your local newspaper as a way of demonstrating any problems of consumption and waste disposal in your area. 

Sorry this mission has now been retired!

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Tips: You’ll need to wear gloves, and ideally use a grabber to pick up the trash. Avoid any risk of putting your hand somewhere spiky or smelly. Dispose of the trash safely once you’ve finished, and recycle what you can.

Geography: Sustainability is a key idea in geography, and our modern lifestyles are often less than sustainable. Humans often use resources more quickly than they can reproduce, re-grow or recycle them. This mission will open your eyes to the things that people throw away. Remember, however, that nothing truly goes ‘away’ — trash is often transported to giant landfills or dumped in our oceans, which presents problems of its own, while recycled materials may be recycled into new products. Do some research to learn about where your trash goes. 

How does this trash affect your community’s environment? Does it affect your local watershed? Parks? Neighborhood?
Mission Risk: High
High. The most daring of missions. Be sensible and don't take any big risks.
Make sure you get permission and some help to do this mission. Be sensible and don’t go picking up anything that is too dirty, smelly, sharp or dangerous. We don’t want your arm turning green and then falling off and being chucked out with the trash!

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