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Training 05: Being a Mission:Explorer

Training step 5: What it means to be a Mission:Explorer.

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Being a good geographer

Geography can be both art and science. It is about curiosity, exploration and discovery and includes anything that happens somewhere (which is everything you care about and more). It gives you the power to see places and people in new ways, even if they are imaginary. Geography also helps you to understand and make sense of our world.

To be a successful geographer you should:
  • Think of your own questions.
  • Search for your own answers.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Talk, watch and listen to people, animals, plants and places.
  • Think about who you are and the effects of your actions.
Mission:Explorers are geographers and use many different 'ings' to research, share and act on discoveries. This website will help you become an expert in many of these 'ings' including: observing, asking, feeling, sensing, experimenting, sketching, painting, recording, estimating, tasting, researching, rolling, writing, singing, dancing, weighing, reporting, camping, jumping, ducking, climbing, mapping, peeking, clucking, searching, comparing, rubbing and flip flopping.

Being a Guerrilla Geographer & Mission:Explorer

You can do missions on this website just for fun. You can also do them to become a Guerrilla (not gorilla) Geographer.

As a Guerrilla Geographer you will ask questions about places and encourage other people to ask questions to. You will conduct 'experiments' (see this reward) just to see how they make you or other people think or feel about the world. Guerrilla Geographers believe in the importance of justice and things being fair and friendly for people, wildlife and places.

Some of the missions you do will challenge you and other people to think about important things. Other missions get you thinking geographically in what may seem like unusual or unexpected times and places. Of course, it's also about having loads of fun, having adventures and discovering new things.

Can you unlock the Mission:Explorer badge?

Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

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Risky business

Doing missions on this website can be dangerous. Always get permission before exploring and make sure your plans are reasonably safe. A place that is safe one moment can become dodgy the next so keep your wits about you. We cannot take any responsibility for any injuries or harmful effects resulting from your actions. It's your job to survive your explorations intact.

To increase your chances of success complete our training and safety tips before starting. That way you are more likely to win points and keep your head on.

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