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Tell an object’s story

‘Interview’ something that you’ve bought that was made in or comes from another country. What story does it tell you? 

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How is the place it came from different than the place it traveled to? Share the story in an interesting way by setting up your own museum. Be sure to include a map that traces the item’s travels.

Tips: You could do this as a role play, asking a friend to ‘become’ the thing that you have bought and replying as if they were the object. Think about how you could record your conversation with them. 

Geography: The links that connect us with distant places when we buy things are invisible, but geographers help to create and make sense of them. It’s important to ‘hear’ and ‘see’ the story of where your t-shirt, gym shoe, or music player came from. It’s also important to think about the resources and transportation patterns that were needed for it to come into existence. By understanding these links you can change lives including your own. 

Mission Risk: High

High. The most daring of missions. Be sensible and don't take any big risks

This is pretty safe, unless you are interviewing a pet alligator... 

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