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Species Quest

Scientists need your help to find six important bugs. Can you find one of them? If you spot one, take a photo and submit your observation online.

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Mission Information

Explore your garden or local park and see if you can find a Two-spot Ladbird, Devil's Coach Horse, Tree Bumblebee, Leopard Slug, Green Shieldbug or Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

View photos and profiles of these bugs on the OPAL website, so you know what to look for and where to start looking. Species Quest bug profiles.

Think you've found one? Take a photo if you can and submit it online. Your observations will help scientists with valuable research.  Submit your bug sighting.

Mission Risk: Low
Low. This should be easy but take care.When looking for bugs, take a friend with you and be careful of your surroundings.
  • Look out for stinging nettles, prickles and thorns
  • Look out for sharp objects eg broken glass
  • Stay away from roads
Bees and wasps sometimes sting in self-defence. If you see many in one area, there may be a nest nearby, so move to a different area. Seek help if stung.

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