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Snap your community’s image

Photograph the things that you think hold your community together and create its identity. 

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These could be things like community centers, roads, schools, parks, or neighborhoods. Produce a photo collage to represent the best things about the place where you live.  Persuade your local or school newspaper to include the photos in one of their next editions.

Geography: Photographs can change how people see, think about, feel and experience places. News photographers tend to take photos of things that are going bad while travel magazine photographers look for the very best in places. By choosing your photos carefully you could influence how people feel about your local area.

When you explore and take your photos ask and try to answer lots of different questions. Can you think of things that make your community distinctive? What evidence is there of different cultures (if any) in the types of restaurants, grocery stores, architecture, religious buildings, or languages on signs? How do people move around your community? What transportation routes connect your community with other communities? What is wrong but right and what is right but wrong in this place? 
Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.
If you are going to photograph a person remember to ask their permission and explain what you are doing. They might be able to suggest some other people and places to help you complete this mission, but remember, you should always get permission from the person responsible for you before speaking to someone you don’t know.

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