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See your neighborhood as if you just moved in

Can you ‘notice’ three things that you’ve never observed before within a 5 minute walk of your home? Take a picture of something (un)interesting that escaped your attention before.

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Take some photos and show them to a friendly neighbor. Ask them if they can identify where the photos were taken and if they have ever ‘noticed’ these things or not.

Tips: It’s useful to have a camera for this mission. If you don’t have one, make your fingers into a square, frame your shot and then capture the view in your own memory. You can also sketch the scene on a notepad.  Click here for some tips on photo composition from National Geographic. To learn about a real-life underwater cameraman and filmmaker, read Ryan McInnis’ profile here.

Geography: Familiarity with a place can lead to us missing out on the details of our neighborhoods, especially if we tend to drive through them rather than walk. Geography is about observing and understanding why places are the way they are and how they change over time. Are the things you noticed man-made or natural features? Is there evidence of human-environment interaction — weathering of man-made materials, or non-native vegetation, for instance? Look up and down and all around as you go, as well as listening and smelling.

Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.
Remember to keep to the sidewalk, and don’t point your camera in people’s faces. Always get permission before speaking to anyone you don’t know yet. Also, remember to get permission from the property owner if you are taking photos on someone else’s property.

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