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Protect your heritage

Try to identify the oldest thing (it could be a person!) in your neighborhood. Start a campaign to have it protected forever.

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Tips: What are clues to its age? Can you verify its age with the historical society in your town? What was going on in American history when it was created? Is it connected to population movement, the building of the railroad, or new industry in your town? Is it the only remaining thing of many that were made? Did someone famous live, or work with, beside or in it? What value does it give your community? How is it different from other features in the local area? 

You may find some clues in your local library or historical society.

Geography: All geographers are interested in history and all historians are interested in geography. They help to explain each other.

When answering questions about our heritage it’s important to consider place, space and time. What buildings should we not preserve for future generations? How can the culture or mood of a society influence the design of its buildings and cities? What innovations in construction can be seen in the buildings around you? How do the creators of buildings and cities change lives?

Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

This is fairly safe, unless your oldest building is a bit of a ruin. Follow any signs and don’t go taking dangerous risks. 
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