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Micro valleys

Become fascinated by what it would be like to explore as a tiny insect. Look inside the valleys, cliffs and canyons of cracked bark on trees and in other places. What curious things can you discover?

Mission Information
If you were really, really, really tiny like a woodlouse the world would seem like a very different place. Weeds might look like trees and cracks like caves, but what else can you see? 

If you wanted you could record this exploration by taking photographs or sketching pictures. Otherwise, just enjoy exploring for its own sake.

Tip: A magnifying glass could come in useful for this mission.
Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

Be careful you don't get lost when exploring on this mission! Don't go sticking your arms into animal holes either. You might get nibbled by something...

Tags: micro valley valleys woodlouse weeds cracks cave caves cliff cliffs canyons tree trees

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