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Have you ever wanted to add letters after your name? People can put letters after their name to reveal they have an (un)important job, qualification or membership of an organisation. As a member of Mission:Explore you have the right to wear M:Ex after you name. You can use this after your signature on emails, on profile and other places. 

Here's how it should look:
  • Your Name M:Ex
To claim the M:Ex badge and start using M:Ex after your name just mark this mission as complete.
Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

Tags: M:Ex name names naming symbol symbolism

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Risky business

Doing missions on this website can be dangerous. Always get permission before exploring and make sure your plans are reasonably safe. A place that is safe one moment can become dodgy the next so keep your wits about you. We cannot take any responsibility for any injuries or harmful effects resulting from your actions. It's your job to survive your explorations intact.

To increase your chances of success complete our training and safety tips before starting. That way you are more likely to win points and keep your head on.

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