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Ask some people who have moved to your local area the story of why they moved there. Ask to take a picture of something they brought with them from the last place they lived.

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Print out the biggest map you can, using National Geographic’s mapmaker kit. Write the stories onto the map as different colored lines connecting their place of departure to their place of arrival. Be sure to create a key identifying the different people you interviewed and the color of their line. Did you choose the right map to use? Do you notice any patterns? Does your community have a large representation of people from a particular part of the world? Why?

Tips: You will discover the mapmaker kit here

Geography: Cultural geographers talk to migrants (people who move to live somewhere else in the world) all the time. They speak to them to learn their stories, why they move, how they have travelled, their fears, hopes, dreams and desires. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Why would you want to live there? What are the “pull” factors of that place (the reasons you want to go to that particular place)?

Mission Risk: Low
Low. This should be easy but take care.
This mission involves talking to strangers. That’s not always a bad thing, but get permission from the person who looks after you before you start, and work in a team. You may need to have an adult with you while you conduct your interviews.

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