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Macro photograph a micro world

Explore from a bug’s-eye view. Take photos of a place close-up to make a tiny place look like a whole new world or ecosystem. Can you find the hidden jungle in your backyard or playground? 

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Mission Information

After taking your photos from a bug’s-eye view, explore different viewpoints in your backyard or playground. Take a series of large steps backwards (of course checking to make sure you don’t crash into anything!) and, with each step, take a photo. How do these different photos change your view of your backyard or playground?

Tips: Some cameras have what are called ‘macro’ lenses. These lenses let you take pictures of things really close up without losing focus. If you can, play around with different cameras to find out which one is best for this mission.
Click here to watch a video on macro photography from National Geographic. Click here for tips on macro photography from National Geographic.

Geography: Geographers explore the world on a scale from very small to very large. Scale can provide us with perspective, but sometimes we can play tricks on how big things really are! An ecosystem doesn’t have to be an entire forest; for some bugs, a patch of grass is their whole world.

Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.
Watch out where you’re lying down to take the photos to avoid squashing any of your photo subjects. Be sure not to touch anything that could be poisonous... 

Mission Id: 3095

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    National Geographic Education

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