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Identify a problem that faces young people in your area and take a picture that shows it. 

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Research the problem you are interested in and write up and submit a plan for how you would go about trying to fix or reduce the problem. See if there is a related organization you can volunteer with. If not, organize a campaign to try to change things and raise awareness of the problem. 

Tips: Local government reports and newspapers can be great ways to identify problems. An even better way can be to go out and talk to people. Think about doing interviews or a survey to find out the issue that you think needs addressing the most.  

Don’t try to do this on your own if you don't have to. Gather a team around you with different skills and think of lots of ideas before you begin. Everyone has the power to change the world. Good luck!

Geography: Geographers are interested in the relationships between people, particularly when there are some that have power over others, or an unequal share of resources. It often takes someone to stand up and open people’s eyes to a problem if things are to get better. Once a problem is identified and data is gathered, steps can be taken to solve it. 

Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.
Once you have chosen your issue seek advice from an adult you trust. They should be able to advise you on how to keep safe while doing this mission.

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