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Hide, stalk and snap!

Find, stalk and photograph every producer and consumer in a food chain.

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Food chains, webs and pyramids are ways of showing which animals and plants eat each other. An example is: strawberry plant > slug > rat > fox. Another is: grass > deer > human. 

You can turn this mission into a game. Give yourself one point for everyone you snap. Managed to capture it eating something in the chain? Get double points! 

Tip: A camera will help with this mission. If you don't have one just blink and make a clicking noise.
Mission Risk: High

High. The most daring of missions. Be sensible and don't take any big risks

Be friendly to all non-human animals you decide to photograph. Upset animals can trample, sting, bite, smack and even eat people. If they look scared, stressed or try to leave it is time to try a new mission. Make sure you don't go beyond your limits or get lost.

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