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Hackney's field guide to fairies

Create a short field guide to the fairies of Hackney. 

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Big stickers on bins in Hackney Downs state that "There's no such thing as the Dog Poo fairy". We had a good look around and while we could not see any fairies, we could not see evidence that there are no fairies here either. What kind of fairies do you doubt, think or know live on the Downs?

Fairies are spoken about in folklore around the world. These creatures of legend have been thought of as ghosts, demons, demoted angels or hidden people. Some cultures believe them to be friendly while others categorise them  for being cruel, cheeky, greedy, helpful, having good parties or other things

Create a field guide with pictures, notes and possible evidence of the Hackney Downs fairies. Think about what kind of fairies would live here, what they would look like and how they would feel. 

Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

Be careful not to have your fingers nibbled by any cheeky fairies!

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