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Ghost wood

They say that the suburbs are areas where “they chop down trees and then name streets after them.” Can you find the hidden trees in your own suburban or inner city area? 

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They might be street names or clues might be elsewhere. Create a map of this ‘lost wood’ and then populate it with ‘lost’ local wildlife. If you live in the countryside what kind of “nature ghosts” can you find evidence of?

Tips: Take a look at old maps of where you live while doing this mission. You will find lots of clues. Make sure your own map includes these important elements: a title, a legend or key, a scale bar, and a compass rose. You can do this mission in some detail. You could do some research to find out if the trees you found were local species or see if they were used just because the trees have pretty sounding names.  

Click here to learn more about maps. 

Geography: Urban sprawl has removed large areas of natural vegetation across the U.S. Subdivisions are sometimes named after natural features that were once present and can give clues to the past. Geographers are often involved in decisions about locating, planning and naming new urban developments. Place names are often derived from local landscape features.
Mission Risk: Medium

Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.

Get permission, take care and do this mission in a team (3 is a magic number). If you find yourself on ‘Lion Street’ watch out for the big cats. 
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