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Flower power

Plant some flowers or herbs to make a neglected place more beautiful. Take a picture of your mini garden.

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Make sure the plants you plant are native species (or they may do more harm than good!). While you are at it create a habitat for a local critter?  

Tips: Check out this website to figure out what plants grow in your area.

Geography: Geographers are often involved with not only trying to learn more about the Earth and their communities, but trying to improve them as well. There are many organizations around the world that take neglected spaces and make them into gardens again. You might find a Community Gardening project in your local area to get involved in.

Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.
Make sure you get permission from the land owner before you start digging up their land. Although gardeners should have ‘green fingers,’ don’t forget to wash them before you eat. Remember that some plants might make you itch (or worse) if you touch them, so ask an expert if you are unsure.

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