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Experience promnesia

Make it feel like you are experiencing déjà vu

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Déjà vu is when you have the feeling that you have experienced an event, place or situation before, even if you have not. It's scientific name is 'promnesia'. Some people believe déjà vu is a good sign or the feeling of two different universes coming together. Others, including many scientists, think it our memories going wrong and 'filing' new memories as old ones so that we think we have had the experience before, but we've not. What do you think? 

This is a tricky mission so take your time when thinking about the best way to pull it off.
Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

There is a danger that you could get very confused while doing this mission. Be careful you don't end up reliving the same moment forever!

Tags: Promnesia memory remember memories experience experiences event events Déjà vu experiment

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