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Evolve your hands

Put eyes on the backs of your hands and go on an adventure.

It's time to explore!

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How we see and explore places is restricted by our bodies. What if we had wings, gills, tails or eyes on the backs of our hands? How would our lives be different? 

 Tip: You'll need some face paints and a good imagination for this mission.
Mission Risk: Medium

Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.

Be careful when doing this mission. Keep the eyes on your hands open so that you don't walk into or off anything!

Tags: eyes eye hand hands sense senses wing wings gill gills tail tails eye eyes explore evolve evolution

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Risky business

Doing missions on this website can be dangerous. Always get permission before exploring and make sure your plans are reasonably safe. A place that is safe one moment can become dodgy the next so keep your wits about you. We cannot take any responsibility for any injuries or harmful effects resulting from your actions. It's your job to survive your explorations intact.

To increase your chances of success complete our training and safety tips before starting. That way you are more likely to win points and keep your head on.

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