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Dog survey

Carry out a dog survey in two different parks.

Sorry this mission has now been retired!

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Mission Information

Think of some good questions to ask the dogs before you set out. You may want to know their names, breeds, gender, weight, interests or feelings about their owners. Are there any difference between the dogs in the two parks you visit? 

Geography: Dogs have their own geographies. In some places they are mostly tiny, in others they are mostly grumpy and in some they need more walking. Some dogs need a lot of personal space... other love being stroked and licking faces. Dogs love searching for smells (even if it means sniffing bums, mmmm) and discovering interesting things. They are true Mission:Explorers!
Mission Risk: Medium
Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.Get permission before attempting this mission. Many dogs are friendly, but avoid the grumpy and mean ones or you may loose an arm. Ask the dogs owner and they should be able to tell you how friendly their fluffy friend is. Never sniff a dogs bum. 

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