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Discover the most beautiful poo

Go outdoors in search of the most beautiful poo you can find. When you discover it, take a picture of it.

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They say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. What one person finds attractive another might find disgusting. Beauty can be found in anything, it just depends on how you think about it. You could put your piece of photogrtaphic art on display. 

You could take this mission further by seeing which of your friends can photograph the most attractive poo. The winner could get a pile of melted chocolate and a spoon!?

Tip: You are going to need a camera or a sketch book for this mission. 
Mission Risk: Medium

Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.

Remember not to touch or play with poo. You may find one that looks beautiful but that does not mean you should kiss it. Eat may look a little like chocolate but putting it in your mouth could make you puke everywhere. Poo in your eyes can make you go blind.. seriously, we're not messing you about.

Tags: poo faeces excretion waste dog cat animal view perception picture photo photographs capture image images find search discover beauty beautiful brown

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