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Breathing boulders

You're only allowed to breath when you are entirely on one of the boulders that run either side of this path. Travel from park's central circle to it's south-east corner touching each of the stones. Who can do this journey in exactly 5 minutes?

Mission Information
Here are some basic rules for this game:
  1. No looking at watches while you are playing the game and traveling between boulders.
  2. You will need to check your watch at the start and end of the game.. or use a time keeper!
  3. The person who travels the route and arrives back closest to the 5 minute mark wins.
Once you have completed this mission, think of your own Breathing Boulders games using these big stones.
Mission Risk: High

High. The most daring of missions. Be sensible and don't take any big risks

Take lots of care when getting on and off the boulders. You could snap your leg off or smash your face! This is especially true if you are racing or if it's wet. Take lots of care when doing this mission, just like a ninja would.

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