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Bird prejudice

Choose two kinds of bird that you can see in a park or on a wire. Ask passers by which of the two birds they like most and why. Are people prejudiced against one of the birds?

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Can people be prejudiced against animals? Can animals be prejudiced against people? Is it right for people to like some animals more than others? Tip: If you stand under a tree full of birds for long enough, you might get 'lucky'!
Mission Risk: Medium

Medium. Keep your wits about you, anything could happen.

Always get permission before talking to people you don't know. It's best to do this in a team too. Standing directly under trees runs a tiny risk: six people die every year in the UK because of falling branches; that's a one in 20 million chance it could happen to you. The most deadly things around here are probably cars - luckily birds can't drive.

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