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Become a remote sensor

Turn a digital camera into a satellite. Hover it above the ground and take a picture of the view below. 

It's time to explore!

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Do this again from the same place each day for a week, or even each month for a year, if you can. How does the place change? How might it change in the future? Take more photos in different places (perhaps of different plants or along your sidewalk, for example).

Tips: You are going to need a camera for this mission. Try your best to take the image looking straight down and not at an angle. You could try marking the ground in some way to remind you where you took the image from last time. If you have one, your cell phone might have a camera that you could use. Click here for tips of taking photographs from different points of view. Click here to see real satellite imagery of mines.

Geography: Think of creative ways to place your camera high up and look carefully at the pictures that you take for subtle changes and patterns. What points, lines and areas can you make out? What unexpected or unusual things come into view? How does the area change in different weather conditions, times of day or through the seasons? 

Mission Risk: Low

Low. This should be easy but take care.

This is a remote sensing mission, not a close-up and painful one. Be careful if you are climbing somewhere high not to drop yourself or your camera.

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