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Alien invasion

Photograph evidence of where a non-native plant or animal has invaded a local ecosystem. Produce a ‘spotter’s guide’ to these invasive species. 

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Do some research to learn about how these species got into your community, how they are affecting your community’s ecosystem, and if anything is being done to try to remove them. Include all this information in your guide. 

Tips: In addition to using a camera, if you have one, do this mission by making sketches instead. To help you figure out what invasive species are in your area, visit your local agricultural extension website or state department of natural resources.

Geography: Each environment has its native species of flora and fauna, but sometimes plants or animals from different places are released into it, or escape into or invade it. These plants and animals can create problems because they are not subject to the natural controls (like predators) and they may need managing. 

Mission Risk: High

High. The most daring of missions. Be sensible and don't take any big risks

Some of these plants and animals might be poisonous or want to nibble you. You must avoid touching them. Look at them from a distance or your hand might explode or be bitten off. If you see a giant grey robot, remember to say ‘klaatu barada nikto.’
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