We are master makers of random and risky missions. Be on TV, Keep a poo diary, unlock our strange Experimenter reward and check out our books.

Attempt our missions if you dare.. you will never see the world the same way again.


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Mission list

Anywhere mission

.slow.....down ...........time

Make the most boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum and mind numbingly painful video you possibly can. Share your film. Can you make time slow down for your audience?

Points: 50 Time Traveller by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Animate a place

Animate a place by moving things in it lots times and taking a single picture after each small movement.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Photography by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Antenna walk

Create an antenna hat. Walk towards things you are attracted to and away from those that repel you.

Points: 50 Adventurer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Avoid seeing red

If you see red, shield your eyes, look irritated and walk in another direction.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be a Hero

Save the life of an animal by going litter picking.

Points: 50 Waste by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be a tiger

Explore somewhere like a giraffe, like a tiger, like a hippopotamus, like a human, like a scorpion, like a hyena and like a Komodo dragon.

Points: 50 Mission:Explorer by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be invisible

Travel 100 metres without being seen.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Book Badge by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be nature's advocate

Find a plant that is being damaged, hurt or restricted in some way. Write an email on its behalf to someone who might be able to help. Can you get it the help it needs?

Points: 50 Nature by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be on TV

Put on a performance for a CCTV controller. You could improvise a short play, show off a dance routine or hold a full blown talent show.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Book Badge by: .Mission:Explore
Anywhere mission

Be remembered

Design a memorial to remind people of you.

Points: 50 Mission:Explore Death by: .Mission:Explore

Mission Locations

Location mission
You will need to visit this place
Regional mission
You may be able to do this where you are
Anywhere mission
Do this mission nearly anywhere
Mission cluster
A group of missions


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